Welcome to My Yard

Why is the sky blue? Do we need to ask this question? Our ability is limitless. The sky is our limit.

This is the website where I write down my knowledge and experiences. Knowledge is nothing without being shared. I want to share my knowledge, mostly related with Microsoft Excel application. I used MS Excel since long time ago, if I’m not mistaken since Windows 3.1.1. in late 90s. Actually, I used office pack before Microsoft Office was born. Since I was in high school in 1990, I was starting to use the word processor for school journalism.

Beside MS Excel, I also a user of other office applications such as MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Access. and MS Outlook. I think these are the most popular office package currently being used, especially for official use. I use MS Office package because it is the official software in my office. We work, communicate, and share files using Microsoft’s product.

While in my spare time, I love to explore and learn to use other operating systems especially Linux distros. One of the distro I use is the Ubuntu. I’m still a newbie on this!
How about traveling? I love traveling. I want to share my traveling stories in this website. The more place I visit, the more I realize that there still lot more places to visit. The more I travel, the more I realize that we are part of global citizenship. The more we travel, the more we realize that we need to respect each other. We are nothing without others.

Please feel free to comment and share your experiences, too. There are so many interesting places to visit. We can learn and broaden our horizon my traveling. Let’s explore the world. There will be no enough word to explore the world.